The Order Of Ingredients When Making A Healthy Smoothie

I always repeat one thing. You need a decent blender in order to maintain healthy eating. By making a couple of smoothies daily, you can ensure that you get all the essential nutrients through fruits and vegetables at the same time as keeping the calories low!

If you are an individual that focuses greatly on making the perfect smoothie then you have probably tried many different techniques to make sure that the texture comes out perfectly. One way you can do this is by adding the ingredients in a specific order:

  1. In order to create a smoothie that has a well-blended smooth texture, you need to ensure that you add half of the liquid of the recipe at the very beginning and half of it at the very end.
  1. We often consider protein powder to be the primary ingredient of our smoothies. If this is a plant-based protein powder then you should add them next. This is because adding them later than this point might prevent the powder from blending properly and as a consequence make the smoothie taste a bit chalky.
  1. Next up, it’s time to hit anything that is extremely nutritious. I would add anything from goji berries and almond/coconut butter to chia seeds and cacao.
  1. Different types of green vegetables should be added next. You can literally add anything you like ranging from kale to spinach but make sure you don’t add too much!
  1. If you have any frozen fruits then this would be the best time to add this. This will create a perfect blend with the vegetables from step 4. In addition to this, it’ll also improve the taste alongside provide some excellent fuel for the body.
  1. If you are making a smoothie on a hot day of the summer then you should add some ice and the rest of the liquid. This should be the final step of making an extremely creamy and delicious smoothie.

Once all the steps have been completed you should start off on the lowest setting of the smoothie blender. Gradually, increase the speed in order to create the best consistency. The secret here is trial and error. You will need to try different techniques before you end up with a process that provides the best results.