Using the Best French Press to Make Amazing Coffee

Coffee is great and if you regularly drink this at home, you either use a French press or a normal espresso machine. Maybe you haven’t even heard about making coffee with a plunger. In fairness, this type of brewing yields far greater taste than any other even if it might be a little complicated at the start. To be honest, it isn’t even complicated. It just requires a little bit of practice.

The first thing you need to do if you want to make the best tasting coffee is to buy the best French press coffee maker available. Even the best model will be quite affordable so don’t think that it will cost a lot of money. This will be worthwhile because the technique will ensure that the rich flavor of the coffee bean will be immersed in your coffee and the brewing process will only take a few minutes though there will be a little bit of manual work involved.

If you need help in choosing the best French press for your home, it might be worth reading the following guide: There’s a good bit of detail in there so you’re bound to find it useful.

Once you have everything ready, you can get started. The first thing to do is to remember that most of your coffee consists of water. This means that the water must taste nice. Of course, you can make this with tap water but make sure that this doesn’t taste unusual. Ideally, it’s probably best to use bottled water. You also need to have your coffee beans ready. Again, you can use any beans but the one rule is that you need to buy extremely fresh beans if you want to get the most taste and most flavor. You can easily assess the quality by handling the beans as if they are fresh then they will be slightly oily and will smell fresh.

Before the brewing process can begin, you must grind the beans. Can you imagine how good the taste will be if you’re going to grind fresh coffee beans and brew them? The taste, the smell and the overall quality is bound to be something special. When making this, you need to find the right balance between the water and grounds. Usually, you can alter this based on the taste but a good place to start is by using about 170 to 200 milliliters of water to two tablespoons of coffee.

The unique aspect of this type of brewing is that you can bring the water to whatever temperature you want. Again, a good temperature to use would be 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water has reached this level, you can leave it to sit there for twenty to thirty seconds. At this point, you should have what is in your mind the best French press on the countertop. You need to put the grounds into this and pour some of the water over these. Leave it there for a few seconds (around thirty) then stir the mixture. This will ensure that the coffee is mixed in thoroughly. Now you need to pour in the rest of the water and have the plunger all the way to the top. Following this step, you need to close the lid and wait around four minutes, the typical duration of balanced brewing. After this time is over, you need to push the plunger down but do this slowly and cautiously, as you don’t want the hot coffee to splash over you.

Following this step, your coffee is ready and you can pour it into a mug to start drinking and experiencing the unique flavor associated with French pressed coffee.

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