My Thoughts on the Green Coffee Bean Diet

Losing weight usually has a tried and tested formula. This involves correcting your diet in order to incorporate healthy foods and combining this exercise. However, people who are taken back by the amount of willpower and effort required tend to try supplements and herbal remedies to try and lose weight. Recently, the green coffee bean diet has been getting a lot of attention. So I thought I had to check this out.

The green coffee bean diet isn't as healthy as most people think.Promoted by Dr. Oz, this supplement has become one of the most popular health supplements in the world. The supplement is derived from the green coffee bean and aims to work through chlorogenic acid, a substance thought to induce the weight loss effect.

I have tried several weight loss supplements in the past and never seem to find them as being a good alternative to the usual formula of a balanced diet and exercise. But coffee is extremely rich in antioxidants and other beneficial substances so I thought why not try it! If you haven’t heard of green coffee beans then you should know that these aren’t some kind of special coffee beans. They’re normal coffee beans but haven’t been roasted yet. The roasting process turns the green color to brown.

There are lots of studies focusing on the weight loss benefits of the green coffee bean. Some of these have been reporting that this supplement reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. If this is true then this supplement can mimic a low carb diet. Lots of scientific studies have also been showing that this supplement can improve blood glucose metabolism and also provide better control of blood pressure. Both of these points indicate that incorporating green coffee bean extract can be very healthy and can also provide protection against Diabetes and heart disease.

The only issue is the reliability of these studies. There are many limitations and lots of bias involved especially considering that health supplement companies who want to benefit from an increase in sales sponsor a lot of these studies. Furthermore, there haven’t been any studies that have looked at the health benefits and ill effects in the long run.

All of these points mean that I could never put my health in jeopardy by trying these types of unconvincing supplements. If I were you, I wouldn’t either. I would just focus on working hard to exercise regularly and also keep an eye on the diet!

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