Recipe For A Kale Smoothie Inspired By Starbucks

Almost every large coffee bar or store seems to be adding smoothies to their menu. These are certainly on the new healthy menu offered by Starbucks. If you have ever tried these before, they are everything that a health-conscious person would want due to their beneficial effects and taste.

But you cannot have a Starbucks every day or multiple Starbucks in a day can you? Why not try to make a similar Starbucks-inspired smoothie at home. There is no rocket science. You will just need to buy the necessary ingredients and blend them together in a relatively powerful blender.

You can make a food and vegetable smoothie just like the one on the Starbucks menu. However, these guys do use fruit juice in their recipe. If you have a juicer at home, this will be the best thing to use. If not, then you will have to buy fresh juice from a store. In this situation, you need to make sure that the juice doesn’t have too much extra sugar added. This is a step based on common sense, as extra sugar will defeat the purpose of making a healthy smoothie!

Once you get the juice, you can add 1 cup of this to the blender. You can add a cup of natural plain yogurt. Not many people use yogurt to make smoothies but this is a healthy step that ensures that you get plenty of protein. The next thing to do is to pull out some fresh kale leaves. You will need to cut off the stems and pop them into the blender. I find that using around 3 leaves provides the perfect texture and taste. You can now add some ice cubes into your smoothie. This is the recipe for Kale smoothies that will not only taste great but will also provide many healthy benefits.

You can try various different fruit juice flavors and alter the contents according to your own taste. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables instead of just kale might also provide more nutrients and a different taste!

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