Blending Healthy Spices In Your Favorite Smoothie

When making healthy smoothies, we tend to put as many fruits and vegetables in the blender. Some people take it to another level by adding different superfoods that can come in the form of berries or even healthy powders. However, there is an upgrade to this as well and it is something that you would never expect to add to your smoothie recipe – healthy spices.

Healing spices are a great way to make interesting healthy smoothies that taste good.This can be a great way of providing your smoothie with a little bit of an edge, a different dimension. Believe it or not, this ingredient can create a recipe that tastes different to anything that you have had before. Some spices can give a well-rounded flavor while some can improve the sweetness! The key thing here is to never stop trying different things. If one recipe doesn’t come out right then try another. The end-result will be great because the smoothie will provide you with a distinct flavor along with some excellent health benefits.

A perfect example of a spice that you could try out is ginger. This is an ingredient that can combine well with pretty much everything else. Whether you are using leafy greens, frozen fruits or other superfoods, ginger will be able to work very well with these ingredients. In doing so, you will be consuming an extremely powerful healthy spice into your system!

Cardamom is another excellent healing spice that will go together with pretty much anything and everything. It typically has the benefit of correcting digestive discomfort. While it will add a unique flavor to your smoothies, boosting your digestive system is an added reason for using this spice.

These are the only ones that I have tried so far but I’m only new to this idea. I have heard about a lot of other healing spices commonly used by the experts. These include ingredients such as cinnamon, coriander, turmeric and cayenne. Hopefully I will have the chance to try these out over the next few weeks.

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