Using the Best French Press to Make Amazing Coffee

Coffee is great and if you regularly drink this at home, you either use a French press or a normal espresso machine. Maybe you haven’t even heard about making coffee with a plunger. In fairness, this type of brewing yields far greater taste than any other even if it might be a little complicated at the start. To be honest, it isn’t even complicated. It just requires a little bit of practice.

The first thing you need to do if you want to make the best tasting coffee is to buy the best French press coffee maker available. Even the best model will be quite affordable so don’t think that it will cost a lot of money. This will be worthwhile because the technique will ensure that the rich flavor of the coffee bean will be immersed in your coffee and the brewing process will only take a few minutes though there will be a little bit of manual work involved.

If you need help in choosing the best French press for your home, it might be worth reading the following guide: There’s a good bit of detail in there so you’re bound to find it useful.

Once you have everything ready, you can get started. The first thing to do is to remember that most of your coffee consists of water. This means that the water must taste nice. Of course, you can make this with tap water but make sure that this doesn’t taste unusual. Ideally, it’s probably best to use bottled water. You also need to have your coffee beans ready. Again, you can use any beans but the one rule is that you need to buy extremely fresh beans if you want to get the most taste and most flavor. You can easily assess the quality by handling the beans as if they are fresh then they will be slightly oily and will smell fresh.

Before the brewing process can begin, you must grind the beans. Can you imagine how good the taste will be if you’re going to grind fresh coffee beans and brew them? The taste, the smell and the overall quality is bound to be something special. When making this, you need to find the right balance between the water and grounds. Usually, you can alter this based on the taste but a good place to start is by using about 170 to 200 milliliters of water to two tablespoons of coffee.

The unique aspect of this type of brewing is that you can bring the water to whatever temperature you want. Again, a good temperature to use would be 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water has reached this level, you can leave it to sit there for twenty to thirty seconds. At this point, you should have what is in your mind the best French press on the countertop. You need to put the grounds into this and pour some of the water over these. Leave it there for a few seconds (around thirty) then stir the mixture. This will ensure that the coffee is mixed in thoroughly. Now you need to pour in the rest of the water and have the plunger all the way to the top. Following this step, you need to close the lid and wait around four minutes, the typical duration of balanced brewing. After this time is over, you need to push the plunger down but do this slowly and cautiously, as you don’t want the hot coffee to splash over you.

Following this step, your coffee is ready and you can pour it into a mug to start drinking and experiencing the unique flavor associated with French pressed coffee.

My Thoughts on the Green Coffee Bean Diet

Losing weight usually has a tried and tested formula. This involves correcting your diet in order to incorporate healthy foods and combining this exercise. However, people who are taken back by the amount of willpower and effort required tend to try supplements and herbal remedies to try and lose weight. Recently, the green coffee bean diet has been getting a lot of attention. So I thought I had to check this out.

The green coffee bean diet isn't as healthy as most people think.Promoted by Dr. Oz, this supplement has become one of the most popular health supplements in the world. The supplement is derived from the green coffee bean and aims to work through chlorogenic acid, a substance thought to induce the weight loss effect.

I have tried several weight loss supplements in the past and never seem to find them as being a good alternative to the usual formula of a balanced diet and exercise. But coffee is extremely rich in antioxidants and other beneficial substances so I thought why not try it! If you haven’t heard of green coffee beans then you should know that these aren’t some kind of special coffee beans. They’re normal coffee beans but haven’t been roasted yet. The roasting process turns the green color to brown.

There are lots of studies focusing on the weight loss benefits of the green coffee bean. Some of these have been reporting that this supplement reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. If this is true then this supplement can mimic a low carb diet. Lots of scientific studies have also been showing that this supplement can improve blood glucose metabolism and also provide better control of blood pressure. Both of these points indicate that incorporating green coffee bean extract can be very healthy and can also provide protection against Diabetes and heart disease.

The only issue is the reliability of these studies. There are many limitations and lots of bias involved especially considering that health supplement companies who want to benefit from an increase in sales sponsor a lot of these studies. Furthermore, there haven’t been any studies that have looked at the health benefits and ill effects in the long run.

All of these points mean that I could never put my health in jeopardy by trying these types of unconvincing supplements. If I were you, I wouldn’t either. I would just focus on working hard to exercise regularly and also keep an eye on the diet!

Simple Expert Tips To Making My Favorite Smoothies

Whether you have a smoothie for breakfast or several glasses every few hours, you’ll know the importance of these drinks. But what can you do to make the process easy and prevent any mess?

There are several tips that will ensure that everything goes smoothly and your smoothies turn out to be perfect in texture and taste.

It's important to keep plenty of frozen fruit and vegetables if you like making smoothies regularly.The best smoothie is the one that you can make in no time at all and within minutes. In order to ensure that you don’t waste any time, the best thing to do is to cut, store and freeze fresh fruits and vegetables in re-sealable bags. You literally need to freeze everything and when you are ready to make the smoothie, all you will need to do is pull out the contents, throw them into a powerful blender and pour your choice of liquid and start blending. The blending process is supposed to be as easy as that!

When it comes to making the smoothie, you also need to decide the texture you want. Do you want a very thick and creamy smoothie or would you prefer a watery one? If you want a runny smoothie then the best ingredient would be water. However, you can also experiment with green tea and various other teas that are available in your local supermarket. If trying to make a thick smoothie, you will need to add different types of milk like normal dairy milk or even coconut milk!

When blending you need to make sure that the liquid is two times more than the solid contends. You also need to fill the blender up to the three-quarter mark. This will ensure that there isn’t any leakage and damage to your blender.

There are several things that you can do to boost the flavor as well. For example, you can add lots of different healing spices such as cinnamon and ginger, which will not only improve the flavor but also provide a health boost. Again you can literally experiment with any type of food in order to obtain the maximum health benefits and a colorful taste!

Best Blender For Smoothies Under $100

If you are reading this page then it is highly likely that you are or are trying to be a healthy individual. When looking to make smoothies or protein shakes, you will need a decent quality blender. Or maybe you just want to make some milkshakes with this! The only issue is that some of the best models are also associated with a heavy price. This can prove to be a stumbling block for most. However, there are some options that exist for these people as they can always search for the best blender for smoothies under $100. This might not be as strong as some of the more expensive products but they will definitely get the job done. To help you out, here are some of the more affordable blenders you can buy.

Top 3 Affordable Smoothie Blenders

Ninja NJ600 Blender

The Ninja NJ600 is one of the best blenders for smoothies under $100.The Ninja NJ600 is a high quality model that has the ability to demolish the contents in no time whatsoever. It comes with a powerful motor, one that is superior to any other comparable model within the same range. If used correctly, this will be able to blend very tough ingredients including vegetables, fruits, nuts and even ice cubes. The jug also comes in a reasonable size and capacity so you will not find it to be too small or too big. The entire product is quite sturdy and feels very well built. So hopefully, it will be quite hard for any cracks or damage to occur. The warranty of a year is also advantageous.

Oster BVCBO7-Z Blender

The Oster BVCBO7-Z Blender looks stylish and provides great value for money.The BVCBO07-Z is even cheaper than the Ninja blender above. This means that the affordability factor is even better. Despite the lower cost, this product still performs very admirably. It has a reasonably powerful motor alongside seven different speed settings. The parts are also safe to be used in the dishwasher. In addition to this, the quality of the entire product is quite good. The jug is made from a good-quality scratch-resistant glass, which again indicates a product that has been made very well. The durability does mean that the blender will last quite a long time! There is another impressive feature of this Oster blender. The blades have the feature of being able to move backwards and forwards. This means that all the ingredients will be blended out quite evenly. The fact that this comes with a 1 year warranty also helps to make the BVCBO7-Z a very good purchase when trying to find the best blender for smoothies under $100!

NutriBullet NBR-12

The NutriBullet NBR-12 is a good quality and affordable blender for drinks.This NutriBullet blender is an amazing model that impresses in almost every area. It has a different design when compared to the normal blenders we often use. The small jug combines very well with a powerful motor to create a surface area that allows the blender to absolutely pulverize the contents. This also means that the smoothie or protein shake will have a great consistency. The only thing is that this is only suitable for use by a single person. Unfortunately, the size is only suitable for a single-serve so if you have a big family to satisfy then find an alternative blender.


The above 3 blenders prove that it is possible to get some high quality products for an affordable price. They are all powerful and effective for whatever you want to make. All 3 will create a smooth blend with great consistency.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend a bit more and want something that is of higher quality, we highly recommend checking out this post on the Best Blender for Smoothies under $200 – 2015. It’s quite detailed and there are some products that provide excellent value for money.

Recipe For A Kale Smoothie Inspired By Starbucks

Almost every large coffee bar or store seems to be adding smoothies to their menu. These are certainly on the new healthy menu offered by Starbucks. If you have ever tried these before, they are everything that a health-conscious person would want due to their beneficial effects and taste.

But you cannot have a Starbucks every day or multiple Starbucks in a day can you? Why not try to make a similar Starbucks-inspired smoothie at home. There is no rocket science. You will just need to buy the necessary ingredients and blend them together in a relatively powerful blender.

You can make a food and vegetable smoothie just like the one on the Starbucks menu. However, these guys do use fruit juice in their recipe. If you have a juicer at home, this will be the best thing to use. If not, then you will have to buy fresh juice from a store. In this situation, you need to make sure that the juice doesn’t have too much extra sugar added. This is a step based on common sense, as extra sugar will defeat the purpose of making a healthy smoothie!

Once you get the juice, you can add 1 cup of this to the blender. You can add a cup of natural plain yogurt. Not many people use yogurt to make smoothies but this is a healthy step that ensures that you get plenty of protein. The next thing to do is to pull out some fresh kale leaves. You will need to cut off the stems and pop them into the blender. I find that using around 3 leaves provides the perfect texture and taste. You can now add some ice cubes into your smoothie. This is the recipe for Kale smoothies that will not only taste great but will also provide many healthy benefits.

You can try various different fruit juice flavors and alter the contents according to your own taste. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables instead of just kale might also provide more nutrients and a different taste!

Blending Healthy Spices In Your Favorite Smoothie

When making healthy smoothies, we tend to put as many fruits and vegetables in the blender. Some people take it to another level by adding different superfoods that can come in the form of berries or even healthy powders. However, there is an upgrade to this as well and it is something that you would never expect to add to your smoothie recipe – healthy spices.

Healing spices are a great way to make interesting healthy smoothies that taste good.This can be a great way of providing your smoothie with a little bit of an edge, a different dimension. Believe it or not, this ingredient can create a recipe that tastes different to anything that you have had before. Some spices can give a well-rounded flavor while some can improve the sweetness! The key thing here is to never stop trying different things. If one recipe doesn’t come out right then try another. The end-result will be great because the smoothie will provide you with a distinct flavor along with some excellent health benefits.

A perfect example of a spice that you could try out is ginger. This is an ingredient that can combine well with pretty much everything else. Whether you are using leafy greens, frozen fruits or other superfoods, ginger will be able to work very well with these ingredients. In doing so, you will be consuming an extremely powerful healthy spice into your system!

Cardamom is another excellent healing spice that will go together with pretty much anything and everything. It typically has the benefit of correcting digestive discomfort. While it will add a unique flavor to your smoothies, boosting your digestive system is an added reason for using this spice.

These are the only ones that I have tried so far but I’m only new to this idea. I have heard about a lot of other healing spices commonly used by the experts. These include ingredients such as cinnamon, coriander, turmeric and cayenne. Hopefully I will have the chance to try these out over the next few weeks.

The Order Of Ingredients When Making A Healthy Smoothie

I always repeat one thing. You need a decent blender in order to maintain healthy eating. By making a couple of smoothies daily, you can ensure that you get all the essential nutrients through fruits and vegetables at the same time as keeping the calories low!

If you are an individual that focuses greatly on making the perfect smoothie then you have probably tried many different techniques to make sure that the texture comes out perfectly. One way you can do this is by adding the ingredients in a specific order:

  1. In order to create a smoothie that has a well-blended smooth texture, you need to ensure that you add half of the liquid of the recipe at the very beginning and half of it at the very end.
  1. We often consider protein powder to be the primary ingredient of our smoothies. If this is a plant-based protein powder then you should add them next. This is because adding them later than this point might prevent the powder from blending properly and as a consequence make the smoothie taste a bit chalky.
  1. Next up, it’s time to hit anything that is extremely nutritious. I would add anything from goji berries and almond/coconut butter to chia seeds and cacao.
  1. Different types of green vegetables should be added next. You can literally add anything you like ranging from kale to spinach but make sure you don’t add too much!
  1. If you have any frozen fruits then this would be the best time to add this. This will create a perfect blend with the vegetables from step 4. In addition to this, it’ll also improve the taste alongside provide some excellent fuel for the body.
  1. If you are making a smoothie on a hot day of the summer then you should add some ice and the rest of the liquid. This should be the final step of making an extremely creamy and delicious smoothie.

Once all the steps have been completed you should start off on the lowest setting of the smoothie blender. Gradually, increase the speed in order to create the best consistency. The secret here is trial and error. You will need to try different techniques before you end up with a process that provides the best results.


Which Milk Is The Best To Drink?

Just like almost every food type and household items, there are many different options when it comes to buying milk. Sweetened, unsweetened, flavored, unflavored, low fat and full fat, you’ll have plenty of things to consider if you are to start drinking the right type of milk for you and your family. At the end of the day, everyone is different and we all tolerate foods differently.

The Different Types Of Milk

Coconut milk tastes delicious and is very healthy.Coconut milk is extremely creamy and naturally sweet. A lot of us often misunderstand the fat content of this as even though there is high fat content; these are healthy fats that are an important part of a balanced diet when consumed moderately. Increasing the intake of coconut milk will boost the body’s immune system and protects against susceptibility to all kinds of infections.

Full fat dairy milk is a type that we are advised to avoid as they contain a high number of calories. A lot of people seem to be opting for skimmed milk. This contains very low amounts of fat but high amounts of lactose (a natural sugar), which can induce discomfort of your digestive system. I would probably suggest getting the full fat milk as this provides essential nutrients for the optimum function of your body. If you are worries about the calories then you could always have half a cup and dilute it with water to reduce the number of calories!

A variety of Nut milk is the latest trend amongst consumers as they go all out to improve their health. Almond and hazelnut milks in particular have set the trend and provide decent amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for the human body!

Soy milk is another common product bought by health-conscious consumers. However, this may contain chemicals that mimic natural hormones in the body. As a result of this, it is probably best to avoid this in order to prevent the imbalance of the body’s hormones!

Which Milk Should You Buy?

The best bet would probably be to stick to the full fat dairy milk. As I mentioned, if you’re worried about the high fat content and an excess number of calories then you could dilute a small amount with water. You could also combine this with almond milk to make milkshakes or any other light beverages!